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Angry N86 Startup Issues - Stuck in a Loop - Nokia Messaging Related

Has anybody else experienced an issue with their N86 sometimes that the phone seems to lock up by flashing the screen from the main one, to the application one and then back again ?

It eventually sorts itself out but can take upto 15 mins.

It always seems to be something to do with Nokia Messaging when "pulling" e-mail from the mail servers. No amount of rebooting the phone can sort this out. You just have to sit and wait till it pulls its own knickers out of the twist its gotten into.

When it fixes itself, its nearly always when its successfull downloaded all messages (from Nokia Messaging) from that sync.

Even putting the phone into "offline" doesn't seem to cure it.

So, has anybody else had this ?



Nokia N86 8MP
Software: 20.115
Type: RM-484

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