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Problems with the N95 on Orange?


I'm currently using a D900 on Orange, entering the last two months of my contract. Feeling I wanted to upgrade to a better class of phone I finally decided on either the black N82 or the N95 8GB depending on what price they offered me for the upgrade (I'm only on a 25 pm contract).

I rang up Orange today and the operator basically told me not to upgrade to an N-series phone on Orange as they're having severe firmware issues with the whole line, something to do with locking up and forced restarts. Well that, and the ridiculous price they offered me (280 upgrade fee in addition to the contract) completely put me off Orange-branded phones. Can anyone confirm such an issue with the handsets? I'd heard of problems with the original N95 but I gathered they had been "fixed" for the N82 and 95 8gb.

Anyway Three offer the phone for free on a 24 pm contract so I know where I'm taking my custom next! Just a shame I have to wait another two months to get hold of it! I assume there's nothing (except for the N96) that will come out before then that I might want to consider?