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Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
I have a string of problems with my N95 (V10.0.018)

- Phone reseting while playing video, mp3 etc
- People cant hear me making calls and I need to 'reboot' phone
- Can only receive via infared,bluetooth cannot send.
- GPS only got a lock once and now allways shows my location as the place I used it succesfully

I cannot update firmware using the windows installer as after downloading the updates and starting the transfer to the phone stage windows stops recognising the phone as a device and the Nokia application freezes, luckily I was able to recover my settings etc.

I have had the phone for over a month so cannot exchange via T-Mobile. I have been told (despite the phone being obviously faulty) that I must send it back to Nokia (I wonder if i am covered by any consumer law for faulty goods?)

Now for some questions!

- Is returning my phone to Nokia the only option?
- Does anyone have any expeirience of actually doing this?
- What is the turnaround time, i.e getting the phone back
- Do they refurb mine or provide someone elses refurbed phone/new model?
- Will it have the newer and much improved firmware?
- Will I have to continue paying for a contract I cant use on T-Mobile while the phone is fixed?

Sorry for length, if anyone can answer any of the above I would be very thankfull.

Kind Regards, Crackajack
I suggest you take it to a Nokia Care Centre and ask them to upgrade to V12 Firmware (should be free of charge). V12 FW resolves a large number of issues with V10 and V11 N95 Firmware (including the silent call problem)

Alternatively, phone T-Mobile again as they MUST offer to handle the repair/replacement on your behalf within the 1st 12 months from purchase date.
Ask for a supervisor if the operator says no. Threaten them with Trading Standards.

If you hand it in to NCC and it needs repaired, you will most likely get the same handset back.
If you send it in to T-Mobile, there's a good chance they will just change it for another one - could be refurbished, could be brand new - but in either case will probably still have the older V11 FW installed.
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