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When you say return it to nokia, do they mean you have to pay for it too? If so thats BS. Assuming your in the UK, your covered by the 1 year warranty, as you havent damaged the phone in any way. Also, do not let them say its water damage. This is a favourite.

Tmobile have to pay for it, although you might have to pay shipping costs, Im uncertain on that one.

What is the turnaround time, i.e getting the phone back
Ive heard anything from 1 - 5 weeks, but how longs a bit of string

Will I have to continue paying for a contract I cant use on T-Mobile while the phone is fixed?
Yes, which is daft but sadly the way it goes, so source a spare phone to use if you can.

I dont know the answer to any others, hope that helps though.

This is useful: (again, Im assuming your in the UK).

All brand new electrical items have a one year warranty by law in the UK.

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