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I have the exact same thing, although I don't think mine is related to TaskMan coz I've had that on there a while. Every time I try to open Music Player, I get the stop sign and a 'General: System Error'. I haven't taken any steps to fix it yet, I would prefer to do it without completely wiping my phone and/or memory card (I am lazy). A couple of weeks ago, my brothers 2GB memory card was playing up a bit (we both have exactly the same phones and mem cards purchased at the same time) where some of his songs werent showing up in the music library (mine was working perfectly before hand). We switched our cards over to test, and ever since then my phone has been playing up. At first it wasn't finding some newly added tracks, but finding others. Now I just get this General System Error. The only way I can play music now is through the Gallery->Tracks section. Which is slow and difficult to browse.

Whether or not it is related to my brothers memory card problem or is just coincidence (virus or something??), I'm not sure, but I would really appreciate the help.

Has anyone had anything like this before? Maybe I will have to go ahead with the V4 upgrade (I wasn't gonna bother coz I can't be bothered re-installing 20 programs and 20 themes and redoing all my settings).

Any ideas?