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Nokia N95 and N95 8GB Product codes [Debranding]

hi Here's some product codes I have found so far, if you find any others feel free to add them in here.

UPDATED(Dec. 12, 2007)

European Code(s):
0557135(Vodafone UK)

North American NAM Code(s):

0557646(3 branded make sure PC Suite ( is installed on your PC and that you have the latest version of Nokia Sofware Updater ( (NSU)
click this link ( and download and install the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)Beta at the bottom of the page. Current version is when installing, leave all options as is. dont change any options unless you know what to do with it. TAKE NOTE THIS SOFTWARE HAS OTHER FUNCTIONS WHICH COULD MESS UP YOUR PHONE IF YOU USE THEM. ONLY FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW.

plug in the phone to a charger and then connect it to your pc with the USB cable and choose PC Suite mode. It is very IMPORTANT that you wait for all drivers to install if this is the first time you use PC Suite.

start the NSS beta software and then click on the button that looks like a magnifying glass. it will show some info and extra icons should show up.

click on the icon that says "Phone Info"
click on the "scan" button. it should display the IMEI & Phone version. then click the "read" button on the side. your screen should look like the screenshot below

now from here on make sure to be VERY CAREFUL. click the enable box next to where it says product code. make sure NOT to click anything else.
copy the number displayed as the product code and keep it safe somewhere incase you need to revert back to the original firmware.
now change that number to a new product code such as the ones above. the ones above are generic and so there are no restrictions in the phone software.
click "write" just once and this should change your product code.
to check it, remove the check from the enable box, and click "read". the number in the product code box should be the new number you typed in. if it is not then repeat from step 6.
if the code changed, close NSS and un plug your phone.
plug the phone back in and do a firmware update using NSU. in 10mins you should have a debranded phone.
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