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Sendo way too late

Originally Posted by Ewan
Released and iN the Shops are different things. And let's try those phones head to head before deciding Sendox is dead. Given the keypad differences (andi;ve tried both) the 7610 looses a lot of poitns here.
The Sendo is NOT in the UK shops yet either, so even July for the 7610 would not be an issue having waiting this long for the X.

Anyway, the nokia looks a clear winner over the X... Symbian 7.0s, shorter, thinner, better looking, more features, Java MIDP 2.0, better camera.... and so on.

If the X had been ready at christmas, as first thought, then I would almost definately have got one, but now it's just too old, and too late. Sendo simply took to long to get to market and allowed the competition to catch up and overtake them.

Maybe when Sendo do an X2 and they getting to market quicker I will look again.