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Pureview 808 won't start

Been really enjoying being back in Symbian land after my N900 for the last couple of years. 808 has been a joy to use until ....

Yesterday I was running the Drive app in the car and the phone shutdown, my guess was the battery had run out so I tried plugging in various chargers, no startup, no flashing menu button.

Got home tried pulling battery for a while, then charging got a few flashes on the menu button but then nothing. After many repeats the flashing has happened 3 times so far but not after every pull battery / charge cycle.

Figure I might need a reset, have tried holding power button but that hasn't done anything, no vibrations, no screen or led on.

Any suggestions ?

Is there a deeper reset with multiple buttons ?

Next option is Nokia Care in Melbourne, hopefully they have some ideas because they are of course not sold in Australia!

Any suggestions welcome!