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Already playing this on the n95. There is nothing special about ngage... It's just Nokia hype. The games that has or will be featuring on ngage is nothing more than java/symbian games that has already appeared.
You've been playing Worms on your phone online against thousands of players around the world? Before the online service even goes live?

You might be playing a version of WWP on your N95, but I doubt it's this version.

Putting all that aside though, the thing that also makes N-Gage special is how easy it should be to buy games. At the moment buying a Java or Symbian game is a bit tricky and involves perhaps half a dozen steps, whereas Next Gen N-Gage should make it a one-click process.

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Been playing worms world party for quite a while now. Then comes the big ngage announcement... lol
You do realise there are many different versions of WWP?

If we counted them all as one game then we could say WWP came out on the original gen N-Gage way back in 2004.
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