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Originally Posted by TANKERx

Who told you that? If it is the actual company policy, then it's a very sad situation.

Do you think they meant that they'd cut you off their network or just not support the phone if it broke down?
Well it does make some sense. Afterall, the 'free' phone is subsidised by '3' and you return a lot of the cost in the monthly subscription. Until the subscription period is ended they continue to provide free support based on the model which they supplied to you. Change that model signifficantly without their agreement and I guess they have a right to refuse future handheld support. Afterall, they won't have information which can say what problems - incidental or deliberate - those modifications have created.

I remember working for some while for a computer games support line. If someone called up with a problem with their game and during the conversation it transpired that they had added 'mods' not created by the company, the only thing that could be suggested was, "remove the mod as we can't support the game changed in violation of the licence agreement in the box".

My fingers are crossed that '3' offer this new firmware as a official upgrade soon to retain the support that I may be called upon to use. The official Nokia service centre here in Bristol is Carphonewarehouse and their shop is just around the corner from the '3' one so hopefully it'll be cleared by '3' soon and then I can go get my bugs fixed. :-)

Btw...does anyone know if the upgrade makes the phone a little snappier in it's use? The present OS is very sluggish.


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