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?? Help pls

Hy Steve, hy fellow readers,
please help me: Does the new Ovi Mail/ Nokia Messagin 2.4 on the newer phones C6 and up support multiple IMAP-(sub-)folders? How many letters can I use for a signature?
I tried the Msg app on the 5800 and despite looking good, supporting html and such, it was not capable of directly connecting to the server and fetching other folders than the INBOX. Does the new email app finally fetch the whole message or still only the headers? Thank you.

I am really dependant upon a good and reliable email transfer, what phones could you suggest with this feature?

phoneguy: I am getting around 5-15 emails per day. These are partly with big attachments, still I am around 300-500MB per month - with 5 minutes email retrieval and a constant IMAP-connection. On my PC its even worse: every minute for my business account, still nowhere near 1GB. You should set up filter mechanisms to block spam-mails from downloading to your PC and capping at 10kb to download only important emails.
And yes 6 is the most I can get on S60 5th as well.