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Hi sashalr,

I'm sorry to hear about your problem!
I just wish to check if you still having the issue or not.

In my case, I've updated the N97 mini phone software to v11.045 but still having the same problem.

I also tried a lot of hard reset but the problem will eventually pop up. Here is my experience so far.

1) The error will happen less frequent after hard reset.

2) I always doubt it was some software compatibility issues although all the software I'm using works flawlessly at 5800XM.

3) At last, I do a hard reset in the following sequence
- Remove any memory cards
- Hard Reset the phone
- Setup the phone normally as you do at the 1st time.
- Format the "Mass Memory"
- Restore only the phone book and the appointments
- Install the new applications only to the phone memory.

4) You may also wish to avoid installing any applications to determine what is the problematic software having problems.

5) You may also wish to check if there are any software previously installed on the memory cards. I say that because in one of my test cases, I installed some widgets on the memory card. After doing the hard reset and insert the memory card backs, those widgets are remained and no longer need to be re-installed. But I observe another strange thing. The OVI Store Client that was automatically installed is no longer listed in the application listing. So, after that, I avoid installing software / widgets on the card.

After doing all the listed above on yesterday, I got 1 memory full error right after I restart the phone for 6 to 7 times. I tried it to see if my list of applications will crash it.

The applications I installed are:
- Handy Safe Pro
- RoadSync 5.001
- Hong Kong Apple Daily News
- Hong Kong Weather Widget
- iSilo for Symbian S60 5.0
- Time Zone Database Update
- OVI Map 3.0
- Meteor (Full Version)

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