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Originally Posted by Darth_N95 View Post
Hello everyone, ive received my nokia n95 8gb which is on the orange with the orange branding

i tried to debrand it to euro1 in NSS which it has done sucessfully
but when i try to update the firmware in NSU it says i have the latest firmware and it can not be done

there is no option to reset the firmware or anything, so im stuck with the orange branding

any help would be appreciated please as i want to use a 3 sim in the phone (with an i-sim)

thanking you
I've just debranded my Orange N95 8GB, it had Firmware 20.0.016 on it, It now upgraded to 30.0.018. if you go into device manager in tools > utillities you can find out your current release.

I've had my phone since the beginnig of Nov if that helps.

great advice did my phone to EURO1 in no time at all