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Can't delete applications

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to delete / uninstall applications from my N8. This is what I do, and this is what happens:

1.) Trying to delete Application from the Applications Folder:
Message: Unable to uninstall. Memory full!

2.) Trying to delete / uninstall Application from the Installed Applications
folder under Settings:
Action: My N8 keeps scanning for all the applications. One night, just
for testing, I allowed my N8 to scan all the applications. The
scanning went on till the the next day morning. The only way
to stop this: restarting my phone!!

3.) Trying to delete / uninstall Application using Xplore:
Message: Can't delete file_name.file_type

Now, I dont know what to do to uninstall or delete applications from my phone? Am I stuck with these applications now? I dont intend on performing a hard reset...

Please help..!!