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Great to see this piece by Vanjoki. I have no doubt that Nokia are on the rebound and will win at the high end, mid range, and low end. I think everyone should ignore the naysayers - whingers always shout the loudest. The loss of Symbian-Guru is pretty meaningless.

Thank God Nokia aren't going to use Android, that would have been an almighty mistake. It's nowhere near as mature or capable as Symbian and those asking for it (or jumping ship to it) are judging a book badly by it's cover and will regret their move.

Wait and see - all this talk about Nokia and Symbian being on the way out was the most utter piece of total rubbish, is a storm in a teacup, and shows the people who spout it to be ignorant in the extreme.

Nokia and Symbian will rule over the mobile market for a long time to come.