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Originally Posted by lovesign View Post
Personally, I think this is great news. Symbian ^3 looks too much like ^1 and still retains much of the clunkiness of ^1 too. It just doesn't seem to cut it against newer OS's like Android or, dare I say it, iOS4.

Nokia need to get an OS that is designed for the hardware of today, not an OS that originated in the hardware of yesteryear.

My 5th Ed./^1 experience has been awful with my N97. My X6 arrived today and that feels a tad more polished but still retains the clunky nature.

I'm all for something new, fresh, innovative and far better suited to the way mobile devices are used today.
So is there likely to be any Maemo forums (on AAS?) in the future - is there an N900 sub forum in the pipeline? - Perhaps Rafe should embrace both S60 and Maemo....? RAFE!!!

(AAS is a fantastic site, don't want it to fade ways if S60 loses momentum).
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