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Was just going to post this myself is being quoted sourced CNET OZ and Engadget picked up on story too via CNET not clear if Reuters is picking up on same source or is a separate confirmation.

Whichever would very much like to hear feedback from the AAS team on this and whether Nokia is confirming story.

Obviously is only the N series so Symbian would still be in C and E series and could just be that N series flagships aren't going to run on Symbian not the whole range (looking at new numbering series anything <N7 would seem bit odd on Meego to me if their market/price ranging is still in place at which point this isn't news at all.

If it is it isn't helpful for the N8 or S^4 and justified or not will lead to speculation on Nokia's commitment to Symbian. Not helpful to the platform at all whe n to some extent it's being assailed on all sides., Pocket lint review of SE Vivaz Pro the other day was pretty damming of it citing mane problem of poor U/ OS platform with limited software availability. I know may not be fair but that's the brush Symbian is tarnished with these days and needs to be able to fight back against - a greater sense of urgency rather than Lee William's blandishments would help.

Nokia need to get their press dept. to clarify the situation as a matter of urgency now that it is being quoted on Reuters after all their shares are doing badly enough already (mak9ing new lows again today) without platform confusion.