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Nokia really needs to stop with the cute attempts at producing eye candy (not what they do best) and focus on producing quality software out of the box (something they do quite poorly) that promotes a positive and memorable user experience. I can't recall one major smart phone released by Nokia in the last few years that was not software crapped right out of the box. Hate them or love them but Apple and Android initial software releases work and do not need nearly the myriad software updates just to have a working device. The one key difference I have noticed between Android, iPhone OS and Symbian is that Android and iPhone OS are intuitive and the UI makes the user want to "do" things with the device. Be it checking emails, looking up something, playing a game, etc... Symbian does not share this excitement at the UI experience level. It is like having a nice sports car verses a VW Beetle. Both will get you there but the sports car is much more fun to drive. Symbian still works but it is stuck in first gear.