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Garmin Mobile XT - Advice

Hi folks, just some questions that I cannot seem to find the answers for.

When I try to select Traffic in Tools, Garmin Online, Traffic, it tells me that "Detailed Maps Don't Support Traffic" and then into the Traffic Events screen, but with no information. I thought traffic was free on Garmin Mobile XT.

Safety Cameras
I have been trying the 30 day trial of the Garmin Safety Cameras, but it does not seem to display icons for the positions. I have used TomTom before, and with the camera database on that, it shows the positions. Also, Garmin seems to bleep a lot saying "Safety Camera Area" for quite a long distance, even when there are no cameras about.

Showing Journey Distance/Time Left
In TomTom, there was an option to show on the status bar, the arrival time, time left on journey and the distance left. On Garmin it only seems to show arrival time and speed, is there any way of showing more, as I like to now how many miles are left on journey.

I am using Garmin as I have built in GPS, which as everyone knows, TomTom are not supporting.

Thanks in advance