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Originally Posted by m0uth
Here's the deal.
My brother has a problem with his QD.
We tried to find solutions for the problem on the net, but haven't really come across anything helpful. That's why I'm here, asking you good people for your aid.

First, a bit of background story:
I got myself a nice big fat 512 mb mmc Super Talent card for my original N-Gage. I filled it with dozens of mp3s, 17 n-gage games, some java games, emulator & other programs.. I never experienced any problems with it and it worked decent and fast.

My brother, naturally, loved my N-Gage and wanted one for himself the day that I got mine. So, about a month after, he got himself a brand new QD. It came without an mmc, so I gave him the original 32 mb nokia that I got with mine and no longer needed. Since 32 megs is not enough, a week later he got himself the same 512 mb Super Talent mmc card that I own. He filled it with games, videos, emulators, programs and some mp3s..

Then one day, he complained about getting the dreadful "unsafe to remove memory card without selecting remove mem. card" message.
I witnessed it myself everytime we played a game over bluetooth (quite irritating i assure you, especially when you're winning )
So, I checked if the card was right in its slot, but the problem returned again.
My brother claims that the problem occured even when he had nokia 32 meg card !

So, what is causing this problem? It clearly can't be mmc since it works well with my n-gage. Or is QD more sensitive than the original?? Damn that hot swap! It's not even well made, by the time I pull the damn thing out, I can probably change the card 3 times on my 'ol n-gage... well, just my two cents...

So, any suggestions/ideas/tips?
I'm sure the good people from this forum will figure something out
Don't wanna dissapont my little brother.
haha this is funny, ok that little messege pretty much tell u to press that remove memory card safly because if u dont select that before u take ur card out theres a chance that ur card with become currupted. so all u do to select the remove mem. card is press the power button ounce dont hold it just press it then scroll down and one option should be remove mem. card safely. so if u have qd with hotswat u press select that before u switch card well before u take a card out doesnt matter if ur putting a card in. hope i helped.

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