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7610 change firmware and language


a friend of mine will give me a 7610. its a thai phone who is probably made in china.
This phone come with thai and chinese menu and T9 for message.
I would like to have at least both french and english T9 and it will be great if I can also get chinese font and/or T9

I go back in france next week and I wonder if I go to a nokia service center and ask them to flash with french FW if it will work or not ? I heard that language might be in a chip that cant be changed.
I also heard that PPM must be changed.
can I break the phone if I try to download FW from another region

If I must keep built in language, how can i get also french for T9 ?
I look at q9tech but its only for chinese input

hope someone know something about that... Thanks...

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