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Originally Posted by Dynite View Post

The comment about viewranger and "coming back" is daft as no one in the right mind would go anywhere such as mountain walking without a real map.

If you're going 'serious back of beyond' then yes, you will be taking paper maps, and probably a 'proper' GPS. Apologies to anyone who may have thought i meant any different.

However as I'm only a mild walker (40 - 50 miles a week) along the ROW's around my county, I find that carrying two totally separate phone based mapping solutions works fine for me. I used to carry a 1:50 000 too for these walks, but found it un-needed.

In two years I've only had Viewranger crap out on me once. The memory card decided to corrupt itself and the maps went bye-bye. Fortunately i was able to format the card via the phone and simply re-download the section of map i needed to get back via 3g.