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I've bought the Omnia HD to retire (as a secondary phone and backup) my ancient N95 8GB.

God if it's FAST ! I have a friend of mine which suggested me all the moves, I immediately after purchase flashed the latest HX V8 firmware and now I LOVE IT ! It's fast, it's predictable, I am fiddling with it for 4 days and it hasn't stopped to behave in a timely manner once. I just got a couple of errors and it's really really far from the awkward experience the Nokia gave me while setting it up, and miles away from current NOKIA smartphones.

I love my NOKIA N95 8gigs but this one its just from another planet: superfast, everything that I've tried works (which is unusual fro SAMSUNG firmwares as they told me, but this one isn't), and I've managed to install my OWN apps, even 3d editions. And I am now getting used to the two taps paradigm, and I am twice as fast than on the NOKIA.

Just expecting to see if NOKIA 2 years on has matched this phone with their new N8, looking now from a bit more stealthy position cause I am now officially in the foreign legion.