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what u said is really true about those fake stuffs on ebay, but for the unlock code we provide is NOT from any code generator.

The code we are providing is from the vodafone database, so it's 100% works..

BUT like llaadd said, if u have tried the FAKE unlock code more than 3 times, u won't be able to the unlock code method anymore. The phone will tell you "NOT ALLOWED" even you input a right code.

So if u have tried the FAKE UNLOCK CODES before, I want to say here that the unlock code we provide WON'T work on your phone as after 3 wrong codes, u won't be allowed to unlock the phoen via CODE anymore for security reason.

If you bought the phone from someone else, and not sure if the phone has been messed.. u can use NSS to check the code counter.

Normally, "clean" phone should show 0 in the code counter, but

If the counter shows THREE (3) means someone has already tried the WRONG unlock code and phone can't be unlocked via code method.

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