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Originally Posted by Heaven102 View Post
So ... what's new in CeBit for Sygic ?

The picture present an iPhone, but announce a New version of Sygic 2009. Is it only for Apple, or a global new product ?
No GPS websites are presenting anything ...

Update on March 5th : a french website have met Sygic people in CeBit

They talk about Sygic availibility on iPhone, Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, ... but not precise detail concerning the version dedicated to these models.
Moreover, even if the real new product is for iPhone platform, the current 7.7 is not mentionning on McGuider or Sygic websites a support for 5800 (ever sold) or N97.

Let's wait and see...
The Sygic Mobil 2009 will be/is available for all platforms ( Symbian, Touch Symbian (5800), Windows Mobile, and probably for UIQ ). If we will get green for applestore, then also for iPhone.
Price is still 79Eur.