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Well the updated fix for 7.70 has now been released and has fixed the Custom POI problem, application works superb now.

Although a couple of issues that "SonyM" might want to comment on:-

The update shows that it is V7.70 (1467), yet once you have completed the update, and run the application and go to "About" this shows V7.70 (1458)

Is there anything you can do to the ABOUT to reflect the current version.


If I make an entry and save it as a favorite. Then go into Manage POI - Delete POI - Select Favorite, I am then presented with a list of entries, if I select one to be deleted. McGuider reports as done, BUT, you go NAVIGATE TO - FAVORITE and the entry is STILL in the list.

Minor issue, but a little annoying.

If something can be done then great. Excellen work on the current update, application is superb with this now completed.