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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My street isn't actually on Google Maps or TomTom either. It is on Ovi Maps.

But apart from that, the turn-by-turn navigation in Ovi Maps works much better than either Google or TomTom - again "in my experience" - especially in areas where the phone signal is marginal. When there's no signal at all, Ovi Maps with it's preloaded maps is the obvious winner.

What puzzles me though is there's no API a developer can use to embed Ovi Maps in their application which is why so many use Google Maps. Come on Nokia - that's stupid.
That matches my experiences as well.

And also, rather bizarrely, none of the "mainstream" mapping services lists where my partner lives.

However, Openstreetmap does include it on their database. Which is used by Sportstracker. And obviously because of the apparent lack of a suitable API to the Ovi maps database.