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Originally Posted by quanta View Post
Great post Rob, just wish there were more answers. Was a long term Nokia fanboy too until N97. That phone pissed me so much I am now typing this with an iPhone. Am considering X6 for the wife but am interested in knowing if this X, like the N97, has major telephone conversation limitations in speakerphone mode. N97 acts like half duplex and noise on the other side will block out your voice to the other side. Just talk to someone and get them to whistle (or whatever) whilst you count or recite the alphabet. If your voice is chopped out to them, the fault is still there. I recently tried this in a convo with a n97 mini to fInd the fault was there too. Disgusting to me as a heavy speakerphone user, and since previous older nokias I owned worked flawlessly (eg e65, 61).

For the record the iPhone is not flawless in this area either, but it is tolerable.

So I presume being capacitive touch the screen is way better to control?
When using my hands-free via my bluetooth head unit, I experience no problems like the ones you describe. I rarely, if ever use the phone handsfree in any other way, so can't confirm or deny your issue as still occurring on the X6.

With regards to whether the capacitive is better than the resistive, I'd have to say that it would probably get my vote. I recently used my N97 for stuff and it just seemed less responsive. So yes, IMHO, capacitive is better.

I've hardly touched my N97 since I got the X6. Yes, I miss some of the power user functions, like front screen widgets, a proper rotating home screen and the QWERTY keyboard, but to be honest, the home screen widgets were no use on the N97 because as soon as you loaded some up, you maxed out the pathetically low memory and the phone baulked.

The bottom line for me is that I now have a phone that works. The N97 has had it's GPS replaced twice and it's dead again now. I'm not sure if I can even be bothered to get it fixed again. The X6 works great in this respect. I'd love more storage on the X6 but I do like to store shed loads of music on my phone. I was very lucky to win the X6 as I did, as I am tied to my contract until November 2011 and don't have the money to buy a new handset. It's making the long wait till contract renewal bearable. I dread to think my mental condition had I had to persevere with the N97.

It saddens me greatly, it really does, but Nokia are now way behind the game. Looking at the N8, and the demo videos, it just seems to me that it's just doing all the things Nokia claimed the N97 would do. And Symbian^3, whilst a bit more polished than ^1, just looks dated and clunky compared to Android and iOS4.

If the rumours of a Meego powered N9 are true, then this could be something for me to aspire to, or certainly it's successors come the end of 2011.

The X6 is a powerful and capable little device. It's not a power user smartphone, but at least it works.

Hope that helped


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