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Originally Posted by kflyer View Post
How faster is a GPS lock? Has the Music Player been improved? Can it automatically add new tracks now? Did you check the battery consumption with Energy Profiler? How does it compete with other devices?
Some of these will get addressed more fully in part 2, but in brief. GPS lock - quick e.g. I went to London the other day started Nokia Maps and was locked on in around 10 seconds.

Yes music player automatically detects new tracks (for downloads and sync via Nokia sofware / WMP anyway. Outside of that music player is similar (though podcasting has now been better integrated).

Battery consumption is improved in S60 3.2 (I think), but this is quite subjective and depends on how you use the device. Good idea bout energy profiler. I was thinking about doing some benchmarks and I'll add this to the list.

Great review, look forward to the next part!

the BL-6F is 1200mAh not 2100
Thanks - I've corrected that - guess my fingers slipped while typing Will get the next part up as soon as possible. There's a number of software changes that will interest a number of people.

Big question for UK users - does it WiFi stream bbc radio ? If not can one get extra software to do that ?
Yes it does. I've set this up using RealPlayer. But it does not work in the background which annoys me. (i.e. it stops streaming if you switch away from RealPlayer). There's Internet Radio too, but this uses ShoutCast streams which the BBC does not - handy for Virgin Radio though.

Related to this - it does not work with iPlayer. This isn't really Nokia's fault - the BBC need to fix this (its to do with the way they load flash video files I think). Really though they should make the H.264 videos available for Nseries devices as they do for the iPod Touch / iPhone. No excuse given there is a much bigger base of such users.

I have the N78-3 but it doesn't come with N-Gage software and I can't download it from the site? Any ideas of when they'll release a N-Gage app for the N78?
I've not heard anything precise or official, but I understand it wont be long now. If I had to guess I would say it will be sometime in (early) July. There's going to be a number of S60 3.2 devices so they'll want to sort it asap.
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