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i'm following sendo since the announcement of the sondo z100 which was a phone based on ms smartphone. i pre-oredered it only to see it canceled shortly before release. i'm a loyal believer in ms products (call me what you like) and never had any trouble using ms products, so i have to admit that i not always be happy with decissions made by ms. but i'm a happy user of ppc's (never looked at palm so, but like the sony clie's), that i had a spv (ms smartphone) and now use a xda2 (ppc/pe). i never looked back at nokia since getting my first s/e and i took a big look on the p900 but at the end got the xda2 that i'm more than happy with... i have to admit that i'm thinking of getting a new phone and i'm considering the SendoX or the Mot mpx100. the MotoMPx can't really be compared to either the SendoX nor the mpx100. the MotoMPx is a PPC/PE, more like the xda2 but only clamshell and with a smaller screen. i'm not at all excited of the MotoMPx, but what does that matter and if you compare the SendoX to the new Sagem ms smartphone (what really makes sense) they are nearly the same phones but with different os. and i hope the Sendo makes it to market before the Sagem. but we well see...