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Cool A great phone, which comes to late.

The following words are a very personal opinion. So don't be offended by them.
I followed this thread since december now. Ever since I found the phone on the internet. Logged in two,three times a day to find out the status of the Sendo. Recommended it to friends as the best value on the market. But today in my search for news about the Sendo I stumbled over the remark "the MOT MPX rocks". Even though i was kind of ignorant to other products since the Sendo fever got a grip on me, I got curious. I knew abot the MPX's 100, 200. But was unaware of the MOT MPX. I know what comes next. Oh no, not a MS phone. Well, probably I have more reasons to hate that system then some of you do. As my work is very much related to the MS Operating System. I chose,choose and will choose a fare share of technology just to avoid MS. On the other hand most of the non-mainstreem technology I chose in the past (like Betamax video, Atari computer etc.), is at the moment stored in my basement as useless dustkeepers.
I still believe it was the better technology in due time. Unfortunatly the mainstream is usually of a different opinion. Maybe some of you will agree that the mainstreem has it's advantages. Most of the cases it's cheaper, easier to maintain (more Information and services are available), and you get a quicker grip on spare parts or additional components. I was looking for a phone with a nice design, lot of functions and up to date features. The Sendo had it,but in two three month it will be definetly outdated. I also like the all in one idea. And with the MPX I will fullfill a small dream of me, and I don't mean the 1,3MP camera with a flash. It is to have a complete and dynamic(TMC) navigation installed on my gadget. Two minus points is the MS operating system and the weight. (180gr.) But the size and the features are just awesome. I have to admit the statement the MPX rocks is really true, at least in my humble opinion. All the best to the people who are still willing to wait for the Sendo X. I am sure I still will be jealous when I see somebody actually using it. But well. Let's see who will get his device first, as the Motorola announcement states that it will be out in the second half of 2004. I am curious. Cheers from a very dissapointed former Sendo X believer.