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Hi Rob,

Thank you for the compliment, glad you like the skins I pieced together.
Sometimes they take a while to do, mainly I find the background the worst getting the correct size etc. but using bits and bobs from others I managed to make some nice ones I think.

Icon masks are quite easy once you've done a few. What I do is get my icon I want first, resize it to 1.1cmx1.1cm as this appears to be the maximum size then save it as say phone.gif. Then click save as again and add mask to the end, eg. phone_mask.gif. Once you have this file zoom in and it's easy to see the pixels which make up the picture, it's then just a case of replacing these with black so the picture no longer has colour and is surrounded by white. You notice the files are Gif's, I haven't tried JPG's as I don't think they'll work.
The hardest part is removing all the white from the icons so you just have the picture, some of mine still have the odd speck.
I have attached some icons for you to try, looking at these you will see how it's done. When you have some send them this way.

Speak soon,