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Wow matthewrleech, very technical!

I've replied, had a reply, and replied again. Continuing from where I left off...

Originally Posted by zxon
Thank you for your response.

The phone that I am using is, indeed, a standard N97, which should be fully supported by the mobile iPlayer website.

The problem I have is, specifically, with trying to watch any of the live channels. I get sound but the screen is grey, like the video isn't supported. The only live channel that works is BBC News 24. I can stream and/or download individual programmes.


Originally Posted by the BBC
Thanks for getting back to you and I'm sorry for our initial confusion over your handset.

We're aware that some Nokia handsets sometimes have difficulty playing the live streams. Generally, you should be able to fix this by running through the following checklist:
* Empty the cache/history in your phone's browser;
* Check that cookies are enabled;
* Check that javascript is turned on;
* Check that plugins are on (if you have them);
* Check that your phone has the latest firmware version;
* If you use bookmarks to access BBC iPlayer or any of the channel streams, please delete the bookmarks, type into your browser and navigate to the appropriate page again;
* If you use the iPlayer app, please delete any copies of the app and then re-install it from;
* Try accessing the live streams on a different wi-fi network;
* Try accessing the streams using your phone's default internet browser (if you were previously using a different one).

The BBC News channel uses a different format to the other channels because it is a completely live channel. This is why the problem isn't affecting this channel.

I hope that this helps.
Originally Posted by zxon
Thanks for your reply.

I have gone through your checklist:

* Have cleared the cache from my web browser (Web -> Options -> Clear privacy data -> All)
* Ensured cookies are enabled (Web -> Options -> Settings -> Privacy -> Cookies -> Allow)
* Ensured javascript is enabled (Web -> Options -> Settings -> General -> Java/ECMA script -> Enabled)
* Checked for plugins (There are none for the web browser)
* Checked my phone's firmware (Currently on v22.0.110 - the latest version)
* Uninstalled and reinstalled the iPlayer app on my phone (Using the URL you provided)
* Tried accessing live streams with both my home and office wi-fi networks

Sadly the problem still persists. All live channels, except BBC News 24, show a grey screen.

Surely all the channels are "completely live". Can't they all use the same format? What else can I do?


[EDIT] Now this is strange... I've checked again and BBC 1 worked for me (Qi is on at present)... however it was jumping very heavily and eventually timed out.
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