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Response from the BBC:

From: "Mobile" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: BBC iPlayer for Mobile: Feedback

Hi Matt

Thanks for your email. Could you let me know exactly what is happening, and is this affecting catch-up programmes or programmes on live?

You may find that checking through the following will help with any issues:

* Empty the cache/history in your phone's browser
* Check that cookies are enabled
* Check that javascript is turned on
* Check that plugins are on (if you have them)
* Check that your phone has the latest firmware version (iPlayer may not work on older versions)
* If you have BBC iPlayer bookmarked, please delete that bookmark and re-enter into your browser
* Try accessing iPlayer on a different wi-fi network
* Try accessing iPlayer using your phone's default internet browser (if you were using a different one)

If you have any further problems using BBC iPlayer, please see the troubleshooting tips at (if using your mobile) or (if using a desktop computer).

I hope that this helps.

Best wishes,

BBC Mobile

PS If you reply to this message, please do not delete our response or your original message. BBC Mobile does not keep copies of sent or received messages for data protection reasons.
My reply:


Cache and history cleared.
Cookies and javascript enabled.
Plugins not applicable.
Phone firmware is up to date.
Loaded page
Have tried two wifi connections and 3g (on Three Mobile).
Used phone's default browser.

Live streaming of bbc1, 2, 3, 4, cbbc, cbeebies and parliament to not work. They all use H264, 176x96, @102kbps. However, live streaming of bbc news works ok (MP4V-ES, 176x96, 150kbps).

Downloaded ODF catch-up programmes work ok and streaming catch-up programmes (H264, 320x176, @176kbps) are also ok.

Thank goodness for Opera!