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I've had a response from the BBC. This is what I sent them:

Originally Posted by zxon
Whenever I try to watch a live stream on the iPlayer through my Nokia N97, I get sound but the screen is grey. This happens with every channel except BBC News 24.
...and this was their response...

Originally Posted by some idiot at the BBC
Thanks for your feedback.

The N97 Mini is not supported for BBC iPlayer on mobile. Some models may appear to our systems to be a standard N97, so you may be able to access BBC iPlayer and even to play some programmes. However, we can't offer support advice.

If you have a desktop computer, you can download programmes using the desktop version of BBC iPlayer then transfer them to your N97Mini to watch at your convenience. For more information about how to do this, go to on a PC/Mac and look for information about 'sideloading'.

If you have any further queries about using BBC iPlayer, please use our help pages. These can be found at (if using your mobile) or (if using a desktop computer).
Now, in hindsight, I maybe should've been more specific in my message to them, but their response is ridiculous! Since when did I say I had an N97 mini?

Anyone else get a reply yet?
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