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Originally Posted by Tsepz_011 View Post
The C6 actualy looks realy good,especialy in Black,looks very sleek and professional,a shame it runs Symbian^1 as i felt it realy limited my 5800, it just felt so incomplete.
As for Android, its not everyones cup of tea. What makes it better? Well the openess and the quality of apps and games which destroy symbian. Even little things like 3rd party apps being able to access hardware, e.g. the MailDroid app,ive set it to make the LED flash Blue when i get new Emails, little things like that just make it much better to use, IMO.
Openness and quality of apps and games, eh?

Well, Symbian is now fully open source and the Qt SDK makes it very easy to develop software for the platform.

But those are recent developments. There is a long line of quality software for Symbian platforms. I'm thinking of software like Ovi Maps, Handy Safe Pro, Gravity, Joiku Spot*, Quick Office, etc. etc.

You'll notice that I haven't listed any 'apps' that are merely bookmarks to websites. Go to any 'app' store; Apple, Ovi, Android Market and you'll find that the percentage of quality software is actually quite low.

* if JS isn't a 3rd party application that controls hardware, I don't know what is.

Perhaps what you really mean is that Android looks more polished as an interface? It certainly does, especially with HTC Sense on top.

Symbians ^1 and S60 3rd do look dated. But as far as I'm concerned, so what? It does exactly what I need it to and tons more. Symbian^3 will bring the slick front end, Symbian^4 even moreso. As for Meego - that looks pretty good already.

Back on topic: I like the look of the C6. Especially the inclusion of a D-pad and the keyboard layout. The camera looks a little disappointing, but still a sweet phone for 250.