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7 suggestions for getting around the signal problem...

1. Hold the iPhone 4 in your right hand. That way your chances of dropping those bars are going to be slimmer. But the left lower corner of the iPhone will somewhat touch your face if you’re holding against your right ear so try holding the device with your right hand at your left year. It sounds complicated, especially when driving but it should work for a while.
2. Use the speaker instead. Sure the conversation becomes public but you won’t be touching those antennas and reviews say that the new microphones or the device are much better for speaker voice calls.
3. Engage in short conversations that way your call won’t be dropped immediately.
4. Use the device in landscape position when sending SMS/MMS messages or surfing the web with the lower left corner / upper left corner out of your fingers’ reach.
5. Buy a skin/case for the iPhone. That is the more serious solution which will temporarily address this annoying matter.
6. Use gloves when talking on the phone (wait a second, it’s summer out there! Plus, most of regular gloves are not touch-friendly)
7. Don’t buy the iPhone 4 yet. They’re out of it in most stores and by the time they bring more Apple might sort this out for you.

Originally Posted by Zyyb View Post
My friend Bex bought a 4 too and we can stack ours on top of each other and they're the same width as the N97, it's crazy!
Would be nice to use it as a phone as well though!

I wonder how slim in comparison it is to the N97 when you stack 2 iPhone 4's, in their protective cases (to protect the glass screens from shattering and enable a signal), on top of one another?
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