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Is this sponge a specific part, or can it be cobbled together from some of that foam tape adhesive kind of stuff? Had an ominous conversation with the engineer who said that its basically just some adhesive that sits over the camera cover.

It sounded like it wasn't a specific part, but a bit of a hodge podge fix.

What are other peoples experiences, because I need to ensure I get the right fix!

If after this the GPS still don't work, I might see if I can get my money back. Trouble is if the sale of goods act applies in this situation, I think the retailer is entitled to knock a proportion of the cost off the phone due to the length of use, which is really rubbish because the phone hasn't given me what I wanted in the first place, but I held out for a fix, and if that fix doesn't resolve it, I should be entitled to get my moolah back.