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The GPS is only thing wrong with my N97 NAM.

I have hesitated to send it in to Nokia USA since when I originally received it the GPS worked with V10 firmware and Maps 2.0.

So how could it be a hardware issue?

On Nokia Discussions, a post by a developer acknowledges that they have found a bug in the GPS driver software which causes inaccurate calculations even in v12 firmware.

Studying further on the internet, I found this discussion describing more details of the hardware side:

From what I can tell the problem is or more bugs in the drivers and a mechanical defect--possibly in Nokia's choice of GLUE.

GLUE!?!? Yes, glue. The GPS antenna is part of the back assembly and apparently is held down to two gold-colored contacts on either side of the camera slide window. Over time and probably with HEAT the contact with the terminals becomes less secure and makes intermittent contact.

Could it really be this simple?

Is this the same glue that doesn't hold the little metal plate in the camera shutter causing it to scratch?

Running a little test on my unit, I opened the battery cover and pressed firmly on where the GPS sticker antennas are supposed to make contact. I then started MAPS 3.0 Beta and got a quick fix--even indoors. I used it to take a little trip and about after 20 minutes it started jumping my location around like I've described earlier.

Since my N97 sometimes runs pretty hot (especially with the GPS and display on continuously) I suspect that this glue either loses its grip or swells enough to cause the intermittent contact.

Not a truly scientific test by any stretch of the imagination, but this theory does explain the anecdotal observations by so many users and why replacement units even seem to go defective after a while.

When then, will Nokia have a *REAL* fix that will "stick" for the GPS problem (pun intended)?