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Originally Posted by boogieindubai View Post
upgrading from n95 to n96
It's probably too late if you have already ordered your N96... but why do you want one?
The only thing the N96 has that N95/N82 don't is 16Gb onboard memory (and 16Gb MicroSD cards for the N95 are now very cheap!)

N96 Downsides:

1. Nokia have removed the VOIP client, so Truphone and some other popular internet telephone services don't work.
2. Nokia have removed the graphics co-processor, so 3D games (Quake etc) either don't work or screen updates are very slow.
3. Symbian 9.1 5th Edition - lots of 3rd edition apps are not compatible.
4. Battery life is terrible
5. With the latest V12 firmward, you need to reboot every few days as the GUI slows to a crawl.

I sold my N96 on eBay and bought an N82 as it's miles better than the N96.
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