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Alternative Music Players for N95 8GB?

Are there any alternative mp3 players for the N95? I am totally fed up with the built in one. I mainly listen to audibooks and podcasts. I have less than 200 tracks loaded. The built in player has the following annoyances:

Takes at least 1 minute to start.
Is unable to sort tracks from multi CD books correctly. I get:

track1 CD1
track1 CD2
track1 CD3

in the playing order. My other mp3 devices cope with this correctly and play all CD1 first, followed by CD2, etc.

Keeps ghost entries for things I deleted. I know I once listened to "Roadkill" by Norbert Volestrangler and the Frog Puke Sisters, but it was crap so I deleted it. I don't want to keep being reminded about it!

Takes for ever to load after adding new tracks while it fails to rebuild its index. I always have to go to Refresh, which in itself takes for ever.

[Feeling very grumpy this afternoon.]