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Yes, a light should come one. The top right LED should light up Red initially, then change to green once it has enough juice to actually boot-up the phone. Though, from new, when the battery is completely dead, it may take a couple of minutes for even the red LED to light up (I believe when you open the box there is a little "Quick Start Guide" lying on top of everythign else that details all of this).

Plug it in, don't try to turn it on for a while (!!!) and if, after ten minutes or so, you don't have a red LED, then you've probably got either a dud charger or a dud unit.

But you shouldn't really try to run it until you've charged it for a good three hours or so anyway (tempting though it may be). You'll get much better battery life if you leave it to charge for an hour or so after it says it's fully charged the first time you do so.

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