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After having an N78 for a few days, I've noticed some things...

1. Build quality: Really great, it has a solid feel with thin gaps all around... really a nicely made phone, better than my N82, that has some strange gaps around the LCD lens and some sticky function keys... and better than my kinda-creaky n95.8gb... i would have to say almost on par with the tank-solid E90 (but made of plastic of course). It really feels much smaller than the N82, almost like a slightly thicker more multimedia centered E51. The LCD on my N82 broke twice the lens flexes so much, the N78 feels MUCH sturdier.

2. Nokia re-shuffled the punctuation characters, so when entering text, the punctuation is different! So on previous S60 phones it'll be .,?! and the n78 is .,'? etc... not a deal breaker, but something new to learn for us dyed in the wool s60 texters... and very annoying for those of us that carry other S60 phones around.

3. The gallery application ONLY works in landscape, after coming from an N95.8/N82 where you have autorotation/slide rotation it's kind of annoying to have to flip the phone over just to view the gallery... and strangely when you choose to send a file, it goes back to vertical...but if you send a photo right after taking it from the "after shot preview" menu it all stays horizontal...FW fix? I hope so...

4. Navi-Wheel is inconsistent! Some menus where you expect it to be implemented it isn't, like say in the settings menu, where it's all long lists, it doesn't work! It would be great to say navi-around the lists, then hit a direction key to change tabs, but again like when sending a file, and when choosing how, with mms/bluetooth works in the tiny pop-up. I haven't had many mis-presses when selecting things because of the navi-wheel but it's happened a few times. Hopefully... more FW fixes.

5. Camera is AVERAGE to GOOD... but, I was hoping the camera would be as good as the K800/K810s from SE (am I allowed to say that here? hehehe) but instead it's just a bit better than the E90. It has a pretty good LED flash, but the sensor isn't nearly as good as the N95/N82 twins... maybe if they had the 3.2 sensor gain up just a bit more in dim situations it would be more usable,and just a touch more noise reduction in night/night portrait mode.

6. NO VOIP client built in, and I can't get fring or talkonaut to work right now... maybe after they upgrade their clients to work on FP3. I really feel screwed by nokia in this respect. Why would they remove it on any Nseries device? It makes no sense. I've always thought the Nseries was the best they could make a phone, and to have it removed is nonsense. Especially since we all know it's just software! Admittedly Not everyone uses VOIP for their calls, and I can see it if the carrier locked N78s didn't have it, the carriers have to have their say, but for an carrier-unlocked, full-price openline unit... really unforgivable. HOPEFULLY a FW upgrade will add this feature... Can anyone up at AAS HQ ask their secret contacts to see if nokia has plans to add this? I'll probably sell my 2day old N78 just because of this.

7. The transitions are useless... but pretty. hahaha! The screen-rotation animation could be speeded up. Oh, and the horseshoe and V shaped main menus are just strange and impractical. The vertical scrollbar for activestandby was a nice thought but I couldn't find a way to change the shortcuts (i didn't look very hard)

8. The memory speed is fantastic. It accesses the memory card very very very quickly. I was shocked at how fast it was when moving files around using the file manager. Really good work on this front. Hopefully nokia cookie-cutters that bit of code onto the higher S60 devices that most of us already have.

9. The browser seems much faster! I'm not sure if it's just me but it just feels snappier. No tabbed browsing (still)

10. Marking pictures used to be done just holding the # key or the Pencil key and moving the direction button, now it's in a menu!? why? it was FINE the old way, another case of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" i think. Especially since in this "new" and "improved" phone you have your phone rotated to the left. makes it a chore marking and unmarking pix (maybe i'm just being picky, but an annoyance nonetheless).

11. Really a BRIGHT CONTRASTY and beautiful screen, i was a little bit worried about mobile-reviews comment that it was the same screen as the N82, it sure doesn't LOOK the same, the N82 looks kinda washed out whereas the N78 is really fantastic.

There's my list of observations! Hopefully someone at AAS Hq can help me find an answer to my VOIP dilemma! Hope this post was useful! It's my first!