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Question upgrade time! but which one to go with?

hi all,

i have 5800 that's served me well for last year, i don't really need an upgrade, but i would like one, since it's that time.

my dilemma:
my 5800 already has software, good software, that i paid good money for.
- quickoffice
- handy calendar
- handy safe
- handy expense
- and joikuspot
replacing this device has never been so difficult

but the entire time i had this phone, i wish that it had a bigger screen and huge memory, mainly for web and media consuming.

my choices are:
the n97
+ bigger screen
+ huge memory
+ qwerty keyboard and t9
- i will lose my software

the ipod touch 32 or 64 gb combo
(this has been part of a 2-box solutions, thanks joikuspot!)
+ bigger screen
+ huge memory
+ competent on-screen keyboard and t9 on the 5800
+ all the bonuses of iphone os and apps store
(this IS relevant since i came from an iphone 3g and it has its advantages that i can't get from nokia at all)
- i lose convergence
(i like using only one pocket for my one device
- and integration
(manually pausing music/movie to answer a phone call or taking a photo and not see it on the bigger screen,)

and lastly, the upcoming iphone (skipping the 3gs) (this will probably get no votes in this forum but what the heck)
+ bigger screen
+ huge memory
+ competent on-screen keyboard
+ all the bonuses of iphone os and apps store
(this IS relevant again, and to make a valid point this time, i've recently switched to a mac, makes syncing a heck of a lot easier and compatible!)
+ i KEEP convergence and integration!
- i lose flash
- i lose my t9 (i love my t9)
- i lose joikuspot!

all of my friends have told me that i can't be satisfied, i am spoiled after having an n95 and an iphone it's nuts!