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Originally Posted by floppydonkey View Post
My god... I have been an eager gadget / software fiddler for longer than I can remember, but jesus WTF is with the signing thing, why so complicated.

We (rightfully so) are going crazy over rotateme but I along with many other 'geeks' are stuck in a world of pain with this signing cack.

I have looked at guide after guide with me having a black face every time.

I dont want to have to rely on anyone as I would be fed up of requests, but would be greatful if there is any software we can use as a wizzard.

Symbian signed dot com seems too much for the single user...

Is there an easy way? I have paid and received my rotate beta and it's just sat on my desktop...

Rant over, many thanks
we have to use symbiansigned there is no other way to do it, have u got an account with them? if u have and use msn come on and ill show/learn u how to do it, once u done it once ull say omg is that it, my msn addy is

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