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Application polar not rechargeable

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Unregistered you are being very unreasonable (bit par for the course for unregistered posts). The only competitors for a bluetooth heart monitor that is compatible for a phone are:

Zephyr HxM - 99 euros
FRWD B600 -139 euros

So 70 euros for the Polar is actually a very good price.

Instead you are comparing it to a Polar+ wristwatch plus hear rate monitor which is old technology (it cannot show you your route, provide real time graphs or connect to a web-site).

It might be a better idea to do a little research before you post; otherwise you reinforce the negative stereotype of unregistered posters (I know not all of you are cowardly morons).

-some of my best friends are unregistered
The Zephyr and FRWD hrms are rechargeable , Polar is not rechargeable... Thus less but still too expensive. Pro's and con's