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Is my phone being hacked?

Hi folks! I'd really appreciate some help regarding my N73 phone! For the past few weeks, it has been showing some really weird behavior! Some days back the phone reset the theme and wallpaper and everything else automatically and just froze and went back to it's default theme and settings. I had to reboot the phone and while switching on found that the date and time also had been reset and after restart, everything was still frozen. However, the weirdest thing was that the phone was showing that it's charging for sometime, even though no charger was plugged in!!!!!

I also often hear echoes while on calls. However, this I guess is normal for most networks and happens from time to time. The other major disturbing behavior of the phone is that the phone gives random warning beeps, even when the phone is locked and the backlight is off. Usually such beeps are generated when there's some notification and the backlight turns on. However, immediately when I check after these beeps, there's no notification or anything whatsoever and the backlight stays off. Also, couple days back the phone had gone to the default Nokia start up screen (white with the blue Nokia logo) on it's own and when I checked I saw it was just booting up the desktop. Since, my keypad is locked, the phone always asks for the lock code before starting up. I find all these things very perplexing and disturbing and am apprehensive that my phone is being hacked into. I would really appreciate if someone can shed light on and help me with these! Thank You in anticipation.