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Angry N73 Messaging Problem

I am using n73. i am unable to reply a message or forward a message. ia can only type and send a new message.
when i try to reply a message it says "Unable to send message" and in detail it says "Memeory Full". and move the message to "Outbox". when i go to "Outbox" select the message and send it, it easliy sends the message.
when i try to forward a message it displays 2 messages
  1. Memory Full
  2. Fecture not supported

when i reset with *#7370# or *#7780# or just restart the mobile the problem disppears for a little time but after 2 or three minutes the problem again appears.
there is no low memory as i check the the memory nad there are 32MB memory free.
how can i resolve it. remember that no message center issue here