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Thanks for the reply, but it is definitely not the shutdown sequence of the FM transmitter:
The podcast is playing and in the background you here a very faint regular beeping (much fainter than the FM transmitter shutdown signal). Actually, Iam not sure if you would actually hear it when listening to music.
Also, when jogging this weekend with the sports tracker and ovi maps switched on, I heard a very similar beeping over the headset/earphone without using the FM transmitter. Again it was rather faint but nonetheless there.
To me it seems (I am not really an electronics expert) as if the phone is lets say once a second using the gps antenna to get the position information and just maybe accessing the antenna causes some sort of electronic signal that interferes with the rest of the electronics, thus being audible during playback.
Actually, I read quite a bit about GPS reception being bad due to interference with the rest of the hardware.
Any comments/idea/similar observations?

Concerningthe GPS reception, it works reasonably fine, maybe slightly worse than my E71. I was using the new 21 firmware.