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E90 External Keypad Problem


I've got an E90 with the latest firmware on it. Everything works perfect, and I love my phone. However, I have a problem when using my external keypad.

First, I would notice that my center button sometimes does not work at all in all applications, in order for me to select anything, I'd have to use the left soft key. Exiting out of the application will fix this usually. Why is this? Anyone come across this problem before?

The second problem I have is when I am inputting text using the external keypad. Basically, whenever I am typing on the external keypad, and I press the '#' to either turn on T9 Dict or to change between lower and upper case, my soft keys turn to "copy" and "paste". When this occurs, I cannot move my cursor without selecting text (as if 'Shift' key is held down). This also makes me unable to type quickly, because it won't let me move the cursor forward after typing a character (I have to wait until the cursor is blinking again in order to type another letter that is mapped on to the same key). Pressing the '#' key again makes the 'Copy' soft key disappear while the 'Paste' soft key remains on the right hand side. Pressing it the third time causes everything to return to normal (Option and Exit soft keys usually), but the directional keys can't be used at all since it will trigger selection again. Also, the '*' does won't work after pressing '#' the first time, so I wouldn't be able to change language, or insert symbols.

As you can tell, the 2nd problem is very very annoying. Imagine having to add contacts and sending SMS & etc this way (when '#' has been pressed, there's no way to navigate through the different fields in contacts editing). Then I'd usually have to exit (save the first field or part of the SMS) and then come back in and edit it, and repeat that every time I have to press the '#' key.

The other solution is to use the qwerty keyboard, which works perfect. But the problem is, sometimes I need to be able to type one handed, and I need it to be reliable enough so that I don't need to look at the screen to type and send a message (I'm a heavy SMS user).

So, anyway, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, or could at least give me suggestions, or point me in the right direction, please do share it with me. I'd really like to get this issue resolved.

Thanks in advance,